Топик на тему Pets

Работа добавлена на сайт bukvasha.ru: 2013-10-26
Many people are fond of pets. They keep different animals and birds as pets. More often they are dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea-pigs, parrots and fish.
As for me I like parrots. They are my favourite pets. They are clever and nice. I've got a parrot. His name is Kesha. He's blue. He's not big, he's little. He has got a small head, a yellow beak, a short neck, two beautiful wings and a long tail. He lives in a cage.
I teach him to talk. He knows many words and can speak well. He can answer to his name. I take care of my pet. I give him food and water every day. He likes fruit and vegetables. He likes to fly, play and talk.
I love him very much. He is a member of our family.

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