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Matilda Essay, Research Paper

Squinting her eyes and concentrating very hard, Matilda managed to tip the glass of water over onto Miss Trunchbull, this being only the beginning of what was to happen next with her new found powers. Matilda, by Roald Dahl was creative and fun. I recommend it to anyone who is in for a little youthful adventure. It tells the story of a little girl with a horrible life. Her parents have no interest in her, and the Headmistress at her school is monstrous. Matilda deals with her problems by reading and learning mathematics. She is very bright and clever for a five year old. She soon discovers that she is able to move objects with her mind alone.

Matilda?s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood. Being completely involved in the ?Tele,? Mrs. Wormwood pays no attention to Matilda and what she has to say about anything. Mr. Wormwood, on the other hand, does nothing for Matilda except chastise her every move. Feeling unloved, Matilda turns to reading to keep her busy. Thinking that books are stupid, Mr. Wormwood calls her stupid and foolish for wasting her time on such things. Despite the verbal abuse from her parents, Matilda continues with her interests and does what she can to get back at her father for constantly denouncing her. For instance, she replaced his hair tonic with her mother?s hair dye, causing Mr. Wormwood?s hair to be turned a platinum blonde.

On her first day of school, Matilda?s teacher Miss Honey becomes very interested in her abilities, wondering where the child picked up such an ability to solve complicated mathematical equations and read such great novels for a child her age. Miss Honey is a petite woman. She is timid towards her aunt, Miss Trunchbull, but can handle the first semester kids very well. Miss Trunchbull, a large intimidating woman, is very cold at heart. She was suspected of rubbing off Miss Honey?s father, Dr. Honey, and forged a will that gave her his house and left nothing for Miss Jennifer Honey. When Matilda was told about this, she became enthralled in helping out Miss Jennifer Honey with getting her house back.

One day in class, the atrocious Miss Trunchbull was yelling at everyone because there was a newt in her water. She, of course, blamed the whole milestone on Matilda, who was innocent. Matilda, being angry as she was, turned all of her concentration to the glass of water containing the newt that was sitting on the desk. ?Tip over,? she said to herself, squinting her eyes. The glass wobbled and tipped over, pouring water and the newt on top of Miss Trunchbull. Matilda practiced her new found powers and they gradually became more and more advance to the point where she could control what she wanted an object to do when she moved it.

Because Miss Trunchbull had done what she did to Miss Honey, Matilda felt she should do what she could to get back at her. Another day that Miss Trunchbull was teaching Matilda?s class, Matilda began moving the chalk around the chalkboard. The chalk spelled out words which read: ?This is [Dr. Honey]. This is [Dr. Honey]. [Miss Trunchbull], give my Jenny back her house, give my Jenny her wages, give my Jenny the house, then get out of here….? Matilda had finally got the best of Miss Trunchbull, who fainted and moved out of town without a trace.

Winning not only the battle but the war with Miss Trunchbull, Matilda had yet to defeat her awful parents. After sharing a cup of tea with Jenny Honey, Matilda arrived at home to find her parents packing in a frenzy saying that Matilda was to pack and be ready to leave for Spain in thirty minutes. Matilda ran to Miss Honey?s house and explained that she no longer wanted to live with her parents, especially since they were moving. Miss Honey and Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood agreed to let Matilda live with Jennifer Honey, her new friend. Matilda and Jenny had won, and they lived ?happily ever after!?

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