Реферат на тему The Dangerous Follower Essay Research Paper The

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The Dangerous Follower Essay, Research Paper

The Dangerous Follower Many people say that followers are people who have nothing better to do but annoy people. I think that s not true because when the follower has a plan all set out when he has the chance to take over he will get extremely aggressive. A follower is a guy who would kick you while you are on the ground when you are unconscious, a follower is a back stabber. A quote that can relate to this is The most dangerous follower is he whose defection would destroy the whole party; that is to say, the best follower. Friedrich Nietzche said this. I think that this quote means that when a follower leaves a party the party starts to suck because the follower is the life of the party. I agree with this quote because it s a very good example that I learned from Julius Caesar. This quote relates to what Anthony did to Caesar. I think that this quote relates to Anthony because he followed Caesar, and he was Caesar s right hand man until Caesar died. Then he started to follow Brutus because he had his plan all set up and that is why he wanted Caesar dead, because if Anthony tried to go against Caesar he would have been killed extremely quickly because Caesar had so much power and he wouldn t tolerate patriots. But he knew that if he helped kill Caesar Brutus would like him and let him have some power. All of this relates to the quote because when Caesar was dead Anthony made a speech about how Brutus killing Caesar wasn t justified because Brutus said that Brutus killed Caesar because he didn t love the people of Rome like he should of. But Anthony read Caesar s will to the people and Caesar had left all of his possessions to the citizens of Rome. Then everyone liked Anthony because Brutus was lying and Anthony was telling the truth.

This quote also applies for Brutus in a way because Brutus used to follow Caesar but when he left Caesar he ruined everything and he also killed Caesar. Brutus was a back stabber he killed the person that he used to admire so much because of his jealousy. When he left Caesar all of Rome fell into chaos. This shows that when the follower leaves the party the party will get trashed. Most people think that followers are people without lives (loosers) but I beg to differ because the play has shown me that followers are people who have grandiose plans and once they stop following you they will take over you. I never did like followers because most of them look like they have a few tricks up their sleeves and when the time is right they will use those tricks, and you have no chance to stop them because it will happen so quickly and unexpectedly that you will have no chance to react.

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