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War O’ The Worlds Essay, Research Paper

The book is told in a first person perspective which gives the reader the feeling of actually being part of the story. It begins with an analytical view of man showing his ignorance of life outside his own and worrying about little things that didn’t really matter. That pretty much changed the night the first capsule hit in the suburbs of London about 1900. At first everyone was amazed by the idea of the men from mars. Then as they realized the danger upon them it was too late. The Martians killed many spectators who came to see their craft with their heat ray. After the humans released what was happening they began to flee towards London. Every night that passed a new capsule arrived and the alien’s destruction multiplied with every craft. The human’s did their best to defend and stop the aliens’ attack but it was hopeless. The man telling the story who was never truly named was separated from his wife when the attacks began. He found himself roaming the countryside going from abandoned house to abandoned house trying to avoid the Martians and find food. He found himself pinned in a house with a clergymen for fifteen days as Martian invasion craft landed outside. He stayed in the house until he was sure there were no Martians outside. After he left he followed the path of destruction left behind as the Martians headed towards London. He found dogs and birds picking at the scraps of the dead aliens. He later found out hey died by disease as he met back up with his with and cousin at his partially destroyed house.


War O’ The worlds

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