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Grandmas House Essay, Research Paper

Traveling up a long gravel driveway, there are sights to see such as trees bigger than any that is usually seen in a new town. A big barn swings, and a little old lady so small the littlest bit of wind could knock her over. Looking around, watching the stillness in the air, and the warm tenderness of feeling welcome makes a place like this worth the hour drive. The houses that neighbor are a couple acres away, but neighbors are best friends, practically family. To the back and sides of the house stand hundreds of acres of fields for beans or corn to be picked each fall. On the left side of the yard stands a small one room playhouse that is about 4 ? feet off the ground. A small wooden ladder sits beside it so getting up into it would not be a challenge. Walking back towards the house stands two large trees with a pole lying horizontally between branches. Dangling from it is 2 swings made by pieces of wood and sized at 12×4 inches. Just beside the swings stands a barn that has aged for many years. Walking up to the back porch of the house to enter the house are a couple of cement steps up to the house. Entering the back porch smells of freshly cooked food comes from inside the kitchen. Walking into the kitchen is the bright view of cream wall paper with little ducks on it trimmed in blue. The dining room down the hall is filled with china wear from over 50 years ago, and still looks brand new. An old 8 track sits near the dinner table so Poppy does not have to get up to change the music. Exiting out the other side of the dining room is the living room and Poppy?s office which contains pictures of General Robert E. Lee from World War II, and so many interesting books that are filled with information unknown to many. The living room has a chair for Grandma and Poppy to lounge in a couch and matching love seat. Up the stairs is what many call the ?White House.? There are rooms of different colors just like the house of the president himself. First the red room, the room in which the son stayed and it includes a secret staircase down to the kitchen for a midnight snack. The yellow room is one that is very special. The granddaughter sleeps there and many memories of childhood can be seen throughout this room. The green room is where the happily married older couple sleeps and smells of cologne. The blue room is the extra room where Grandma keeps her nick-knacks. Finally the bathroom is blue also, but gives out the feeling of living in the ?roaring twenties? because of its d?cor. Yet there?s one more place that fond memories have been made. The attic, traveling to the attic is an adventure. Walking up the creaking stairs and smelling moth balls. Looking at antiques, old clothing, unopened boxes, and many more interesting items not seen by the family. This is the place that will stick in a person?s mind and memories that will not be forgotten. The smells, sounds, and looks are the memories.

My Grandmother’s house

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