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Process Paper Essay, Research Paper

How to Prepare for Test

During my last semester at college, I postponed thinking about preparing for my tests. As each test day came closer, I got worried and desperately started cramming. I drank enough coffee to keep the whole city awake and woke up thinking that I would get a low grade. Eventually, I realized that students who always earned A’s on their tests were not just lucky, but they really studied hard all through the semester. There are different ways to prepare for a specific test, and each individual must perfect his or her own style. I have developed a process that involves five steps to prepare for a test.

First, you should find out about the format of each specific test by asking the teacher various questions. Ask what type of questions will appear on the test, and if they will be true or false, multiple choice, fill in, essay or all of these. You need to ask these questions because for each of the above test formats you will have different test preparation strategies. Moreover, an important question is whether the lecture material is emphasized more than the textbook.

Second, rehearse the study guide or do the practice questions in that particular course. A study guide is usually a separate booklet that accompanies the textbook and contains practice questions and answers. While you are reading, mark important ideas and sections of that chapter by using a highlighter or a colored pen. For example, highlight the topic sentences or headlines of the different sections in the chapter and divide them into the subsections; this will make it easier for you to review your textbook later.

Third, you should form a study group or develop self-study practice sessions. In your practice sessions, you should practice reviewing material that is emphasized for your test. Also, you should practice reviewing material that is presented in numbered lists that often provide the basis for essay and multiple-choice questions. For example, list thirteen vitamins, or list warning signs for heart disease. Moreover, practice answering questions or material with a lot of lecture or text coverage. Answer the questions you wrote in your text, and formulate essay questions and outline answers. While practicing, if you have any questions that you are unable to answer, consult your instructor to get the correct answers to study.

Fourth, study throughout the course; do not wait till the last day before the test to sit and cram your notes. In order to follow your course material schedule, you will have to decide approximately how many hours you will need to study for tests. Get a calendar and clearly mark off the hours each week that you will devote to in-depth studying. If possible, set aside specific times. For example, you could note on your calendar Wednesdays from 12:00-1:00 p.m., and Friday from 6:00-8:00 p.m., as days and times to study. If you have trouble committing yourself, schedule study time with your study group you formed. Also, do not waste time, but rather use the moments when you are riding the bus or drinking your orange juice to look at the test materials.

Fifth and lastly, start reviewing the evening before the test. In order to do the revision, you should look at all your important notes and materials you highlighted. Next, you should look over all the practice questions you did in your study sessions to freshen your memory. At last, have a nice shower and go to bed early after relaxing by watching one of your favorite television shows.

Clearly, most of the good students have their own study strategies. Some might work for you and some might not. By following the simple procedures of forming study groups, rehearsing study guide, creating a study time-table, and revising, you will find that you are the most prepared and confident person in the exam room to do well on the test.

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