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Marijuana 3 Essay, Research Paper

Jose Corbera

ENC 1101



Essay 2: Personal Commentary

The need to solve the drug problem has been a reoccurring theme of political

and social commentary in the United States for most of the past decade. The increase

in drug use has begun a serious investigation into its causes, a massive investment of

social efforts to contain it, and a mobilization of medical and par- medical resources to

treat its victims.

Why do people abuse drugs? Many people continually use drugs because they

want a pleasurable change in their state of mind. This pleasurable change may range

from a mild lift to an increased psychoactive effect. People use such drugs as

alcohol and weed to gain a sense of well- being. A number of people start to experiment

with drugs out of curiosity, for the thrill, as an expression of rebellion, or because their

friends do it. On the other hand, others use drugs to escape depression, or other personal

problems. But regardless of why drug use began, large numbers of people continue the

practice because they become dependent on a drug.

A document from the Department of Health and Human Services says the use of

drugs has decline dramatically since the 1970 s and 1980 s when drug

use was at its peak level. The use of drugs has declined in the percentage of eighth,

tenth, and twelfth graders who believed there was a great risk in trying drugs. But in

1994, the use of drugs increased and the Department of Health and Human Services

stepped up to try to help our parents protect their children from the resurgence of drugs.

The government is doing everything to let parents know about drug abuse, but it is

Corbera, 2

ultimately up to the users. The Gov. cannot change children s behavior or

anybody else s.

In schools there is even a bigger problem. The states have created an educational

program against drug abuse for the public school system and some authorities claim that

this is not a school problem, but the truth is that it has not only been said by some school

officials but by disturbed parents and a concerned community. It is too late to either wait

for this thing to just dry up and blow away or to deny that this is not our problem.

Throughout time, man has used available psychoactive substances to seek relief

from cold, hunger, deprivation, anxiety, pain, and boredom. Man had also used drugs to

experience pleasure or to achieve new experiences. As for man today, we have

consciously created new chemical substances and institutionalized their availability for

simple uses. All drugs have different affects and can vary according to the amount and

frequency of use, the characteristics of the user, and the setting in which they are used.

The National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse has divided the entire

spectrum of drug using behavior into five patterns reflecting essentially distinct

meanings for the individual users. The most common type of drug- using behavior can

be known as experimental: a short term, non- patterned trial of one or more drugs,

motivated by curiosity. Most non- experimental drug using behavior can be classified as

recreational, which happens in social settings among friends or acquaintances who

desire to share an experience which they feel to be both acceptable and pleasurable. One

pattern which has grown increasingly is circumstantial drug use. This behavior is

Corbera, 3

generally motivated by the user s perceived need or desire to achieve a new effect in

order to cope with a problem. Then there is interceded drug use. This is when drug use

is daily and is motivated by an individual s perceived need to achieve relief from a

persistent problem. And the last and worst type of behavior is compulsive which consists

of a behavior at a high frequency and high level of intensity, characterized by a large

degree of psychological dependence and perhaps a physical dependence as well.

Drug abuse has affected our society greatly and the use of drugs manifest other

problems such as divorce rate, alcoholism, civil unrest, a general restlessness, and a lack

of involvement. We must make some decision that will help our youth make better

choices, better than we have made in the past, if society is to continue and flourish.

In conclusion, I feel we must become a mutual guest against drugs, not a

manipulation of one group by another. It makes a difference if we listen, understand, and

trust our children. Everyone must cooperate to work out the details. Only with such an

effect can we hope to help young people move away from specious solutions (such as

drugs) to the courageous saluting of facing reality and making appropriate decisions.

There is no alternative to this battle. We must win.

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