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Why Is The Past A Barrier To Bringing People Together Essay, Research Paper


can often be the only reason for a conflict between people. The Irish conflict

has been going on for so many hundreds of years that history has been warped

and twisted to blame either side. Troubles in Ireland began during the rule of

Henry VIII so it has been going on for well over 500 years. Another conflict

that has been going on for many, many years is that over the holy-lands in the

middle-east.? The history behind the

conflict has driven many people to join the fight for what they deem is right.

Many people have died for both sides in the Irish conflict and many people join

or carry on fighting because they feel that those who are dead didn’t die for

nothing. The conflict has caused so many bitter memories for either side, its

hard to forget what has occurred . A good example of this is Bloody Sunday,

where the British soldiers shot dead 14 people. The British would like to

forget it ever happened but the Irish will use it ain’t them for many, many

years to come. How can

History help everyone to understand the present situation better?The

past makes what the present is, so understanding the past will help you with

what is happening here and now. The Irish conflict has been going on for many

years and is almost overwhelmingly complex. To begin to understand what it is

all about you would have to how it began, all the way back in the reign of

Henry VIII. It is only then you can begin to work through the years and unravel

the causes, problems and major factors involved. It is very important that you

do not get stuck in the past as the conflict is ever changing and new problems

and events arise everyday whilst many old ones are solved.

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