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Achievements Of The Byzantine Empire Essay, Research Paper

Achievements of the Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire provided an environment where people of all races and cultures could mingle into one. Byzantine was mostly influenced by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, and later on, Asia. The Byzantine Empire created a strong alliance between the Western European kingdoms, which allowed them to resist the religion of Islam when the Ottomans took over.

The people of the Byzantine Empire translated, copied, and read the masterpieces of the Ancient Greeks, making it easier for many others in the next generation to read. Byzantine was an educated civilization, and this proved to be true, when many other civilizations copied the Byzantine legal codes.

The Byzantine Empire also created a new system of spies and secret police, making it difficult for enemies to know what was happening. Forts were built throughout the Empire by Justinian to protect Byzantine, because his conquest led the Empire open to many new enemies.

While the Byzantine Empire was in power, their official religion was Christianity. Problem was, the Christian Church split in 1054. As a result, two branches of the same religion were created.

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