Реферат на тему Alcohol Essay Research Paper Topic Alcohol should

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Alcohol Essay, Research Paper

Topic: Alcohol should be banned

Thematic Statement: Alcoholism is a major problem in the United States because it is a socially acceptable drug.


A.Alcohol is built into our social system.

1.It is used for any and every occasion



c.Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving.

B. It is the most Legal and Lethal drug available.

C. The abuse of Alcohol costs over $85 billion annually in lost productivity.


A.Effects of Alcohol on human body.

1. Alcohol acts to depress those centers of the brain that are associated with judgement, self control and Inhibition.

2. A persons senses are progressively impaired as alcohol intake increases.

a. For ex: the coordination required for tasks such as driving an automobile is correspondingly diminished.

b. It impairs memory and decreases learning ability.

c. Reduces persons problem solving ability.

B.Social Costs of Drinking

1. Alcohol consumption is considered a major factor in divorce, child abuse an other family and community problems.

2. 40% of motor vehicle accidents and 60% of boating related accidents are due to Alcohol.

3. These accidents tend to be more serious than those in which it is not a factor.

C.Alcohol use Is very problematic in young adults and college students.

1. The reason being, it is very easily available.

2. Penalties for its consumption are mild, relative to those for using other drugs, it is considered a safer high and most popular among teenagers.

3. 70% of high school students report using alcohol and 42% have engaged in ?binge? drinking.


A.These actions are not without consequence.

B.Recently the ages have been raised to 21 for Alcohol consumption in all 50 states but raising the age is not going to solve the problem, problem can only be solved when ALCOHOL will be BANNED.

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