Реферат на тему The Cost Of The Drug War Essay

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The Cost Of The Drug War Essay, Research Paper

A mother is shot in front of her child, a man is gunned down in his bed, a man s medicine is held from him, and a person s property seized for the crimes of their spouse. This is not some third world country being talked about in the above examples but the direct results of the current Drug Policy in America. The Current policy of America concerning drugs are educate and enable America s youth to reject illegal drugs as well as alcohol and tobacco, to increase the safety of America s citizens by substantially reducing drug- related crime and violence. Reduce health and social costs to the public of illegal drug use, and to Shield America s air, land, and sea frontiers from the drug threat. Break foreign and domestic drug sources of supply.This drug policy has induced an intolerable situation beyond the control of the judiciary, public health, and welfare systems. The attempt to solve the drug problem by repressive means has had one major consequence – exorbitant black market prices. Thus, many consumers have been forced into delinquency or prostitution in an attempt to obtain drugs. Poor substance quality and the stress of procurement – rather than the drug itself – have led to disease and death. In addition, thousands of socially integrated consumers have become criminalized to no ones benefit. Penitentiaries are overcrowded with drug delinquents. Tax revenues are financing this policy. The expenses keep mounting. Due to prohibition, the untaxed profits of the unscrupulous drug Mafia is running into billions, undermining parts of our economy not only financially but morally as well. Today’s drug problem is a direct result of this repressive policy; it is not the result of drug consumption. The solution calls for exemption from punishment for acquisition, possession, consumption, and cultivation of all drugs for personal use. All professional activities involving cultivation, manufacturing or distribution of drugs is subject to Government control. A minimum age requirement, prohibition of advertising and emphasis on drug prevention can then minimize abusive consumption by people who are particularly at risk. The cost of such an initiative would be low because of the money saved on fighting the drug war the estimates go as high as 90 billion dollar. This money could then be spent on education, paying off the national debt or a myriad of other things. If the government started selling the drugs as government sponsered program they would have even more money to fund the programs they wanted.The people that would be needed are the ones that would make up the new government agency for Drug Commerce. This would replace the DEA this would put many people out of work, but people could find jobs in this new agency. The drug cartels will disappear in America, because profits in the marketplace dry up. Earnings from Government controlled drug commerce increase the public budget instead of the drug Mafia’s untaxed profit. Reasonable prices end delinquency and prostitution needed for procurement. Decriminalization massively eases the burden on the judicial and penal systems. Consumers are not marginalized and stay socially integrated. In neighborhoods most affected by drug scenes, the quality of life for residents improves. Thanks to substance quality control and product information, the health of drug consumers improves. Internationally, a more reasonable and humane drug policy brings about more justice here and in drug producing countries. The death of hundreds of young people will be prevented every year.

Fulfilling a minimum age requirement, people with residency in Switzerland could apply for a drug consumption card. This card would enable the purchase in drugstores or pharmacies i.e. of drugs for non-medical and personal use. Qualified sales personnel and detailed written product information would keep the risk factor at a minimum and reduce the danger of abuse. Specially trained advisors protecting the rights of children and young people will care for juvenile drug users. With this, initiative two new articles will be included in the Constitution. The president and congress will define a new law based on this initiative. International treaties contradictory to these new articles will be amended or repealed. There would be strong opposition to this legislation because the legislation supports not just Marijuana legalization but of all hard drugs. A potential contention “With legalization the number of drug addicts will increase”. There is no conclusive evidence to support this. The misery that the present drug policy has brought on is evidence that we as society are prepared to live with this deplorable situation rather than risk implementing questionably “harmful” measures which could in the end very well prove to be an enormous benefit to society. Another possible argument for legalization is “Drug legalization would create drug tourism” Legalization does not mean that drugs would be handed out anonymously at a park.Narcotics would be sold exclusively to residents of America. Drug users from other countries could not legally buy drugs here. With the dissolution of the black market, it would be even more difficult for foreigners to purchase narcotics here, rather than in their own Countries. “Unilateral legalization by one country is irresponsible” On the contrary. As a country with a large drug problem, the international community would watch America very closely. Internationally, a trend toward a more reasonable drug policy is evolving as well.Today, physicians are prescribing medication with effects similar to those of illegal drugs. Owing to prohibition however, the controlled prescription of drugs for addicts is impossible. With the initiative, the prescription of drugs will thus be made easier. Most legal and illegal drugs are consumed for enjoyment. It is not the physician’s job to prescribe drugs for non-medical reasons. The decision to consume such drugs should be left to the (mature) individual.The current drug policy has failed. It is for this reason that various political parties, experts, and organizations of the judiciary, the social service, and the public health system are demanding Government controlled production, commercialization, and distribution of drugs. It is the only way to conquer the drug Mafia and to reduce the drug problem to an acceptable level. Drugs are as old as humanity itself and have always been used as remedies or stimulants. These substances will be treated according to their intended purpose. It is time that America stepped from the dark ages of prohibition into the light of acceptance. Has nothing been learned from alcohol prohibition? Are we as Americans doomed to repeat our horrible mistakes? The Jury is still out on if the right decisions have been made.

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