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Musicmania Essay, Research Paper

MusicmaniaThe Colorado Music Conference (CMC) is a musical event that offers the opportunity to learn everything about a variety of topics in the music industry. CMC, sponsored by Kevin Dudley, offers seminars, exhibitions, showcases, and products that can help one to get connected to other professionals in the business. This sensational event was held the weekend of May 30th, 31st, and June 1st, 1997, at the Red Lion Inn, which is located at 501 Camino Del Rio in Colorado Springs, Colorado. In order to attend this conference, one must register as early as possible for the best price. Registration prices may be as low as $ 99 before May 1st, or as high as $150 at the door. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, participants can attend Seminars and browse the Exhibition Hall. At night, the visitors attend showcases held at area nightclubs. The Colorado Music Conference’s Exhibit Hall was open from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, May 31st, and from 11 AM to 4 PM Sunday June 1st. This was a uniquely advantageous venue for advertising and networking in a music industry trade show. At the Exhibit Hall, vendors showed off their latest and best products and services to the music industry. Also, one was able to chat with vendors about their newest developments to find out about the latest music-related gadgets, instruments, software, and much more. Music Time was one of the latest pieces of music software displayed by the vendors. Musicians can compose, play, and learn music on their computer. It displays the actual notes users play from their computer’s QWERTY keyboard or from a MIDI instrument. In addition, musicians may watch as Music Time instantly creates beautiful, publisher-quality sheet music right before their eyes.

Showcases were held at area nightclubs in order to catch the latest trends and listen to today’s hottest new groups. On the evenings of May 30th and 31st, Colorado Springs was taken over by a frenzy of original bands and solo artists in every musical genre, from country to rock to blues. In order to participate in this sensational showcase, musicians were required to submit a demonstration cassette that they felt represented the style and professionalism of their bands. Along with the tape, musicians were supposed to include the name of the band, who to contact, and the address and phone number of the band. Additionally, a $25 fee was charged for processing the tapes. The tapes were reviewed anonymously by a panel of local music industry professionals to determine which bands would be selected to play and for which venue they were best suited.The Colorado Music Conference was a good opportunity for those who wanted to get involved in the music industry. People from all over the United States attended this marvelous event to get a view of up and coming talent. Seminars, exhibits, showcases, and products were offered in an effort to help people get their musical careers off the ground. Vendors also provided conference goers with the information and knowledge they sought out. Not only was the conference informative, it was fun too! As a result, the Colorado Music Conference’s goal of being the premier music conference in the region was a success. by sarueda@juno.com

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