Реферат на тему The Design And Development Of My Circuit

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The Design And Development Of My Circuit Was A Task That Merged Into One Essay, Research Paper

The design and development of my circuit was a task that

merged into one. This is because in order to design a circuit to follow such

guidelines it must be developed and tested.-5

second delay -1

second LED illumination -1

second delay -1

second LED illumination + buzzer sounding in conjunction with start of


create this circuit I set out planning what I felt were the necessary chips

needed to develop the circuit. These were the 555, 4013 and 4017. However

the hardest part about the creating of the circuit was connecting these chips

together with the chosen electrical components to form the desired reaction.This

took much time and effort. The circuit was designed, built and tested in

sections focusing on the reaction of each chip.The

circuit was firstly constructed on strip board allowing the components to be

easily moved and enabling a final circuit diagram to be produced. As

development grew deeper the watch/stopwatch was connected to the circuit

creating a total replica of the finished circuit. The circuit was also tested

regularly to ensure that none of the components were being over stressed and

were in danger of burning out.

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