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Analysis Of ?Anais Anais? Advert By Cacharel Essay, Research Paper

Every advert is targeted at a certain

audience. It is designed to persuade a certain person of a specific age, sex

and class to purchase the product in focus. In an advert, the product

being advertised is portrayed to its target audience looking its best and up

most. The advert is

advertising ‘AnaisAnais’ perfume by Cacharel, Paris. It is printed on a

double page. On the left is a large, close-up photograph of a woman, whose hair

is being blown from one side. Her make-up appears to be quite natural, and

she gives the impression to look quite innocent and carefree. You could also

say that she is fairly pretty. You cannot really tell how she is posing,

but I’d say that she is standing. Neither can you tell what she is

wearing but she is quite revealing – all you can tell she is wearing is a beige

(again natural) vest top. You can tell this because she is showing one of

the straps – her hair hides the other. All in all, she looks very neutral and

natural. I think that the fact she is blowing in her hands reflects that it is

quite a refreshing smell. The advert is set/photographed on a very clean, white

background. This has the effect of making everything stand out to the reader.

White is a pure colour, which portrays a pure fragrance. The actual product is positioned relatively near the

bottom and in the centre of the right hand side of theA3 page. With the advert

you are given a bracelet ‘tenderly fragranced’ made from white ribbon, which

once again indicates pureness and tenderness. I feel that this is the thing in

the advert, which is in main focus to the consumer. This is so that people can

smell the product being advertised and although the advertisement as a whole

gives a good enough image of the perfume, if they like it they go out and but

it. From the impression this advert gives me, I feel that when I look at the

name of the product, ‘AnaisAnais’ it makes me think, ‘AgainAgain’. I know this

is a French fragrance – Cacharel, Paris, but I don’t know that ‘AnaisAnais’ has

any meaning in the language. It makes me think ‘AgainAgain’ because the way the

publisher has made it look so fresh and pure makes me feel as the audience,

that once you’ve used it once, you’ll want to use it over and over again

(’Again’ and ‘Again’). The image of the

woman takes up practically the whole of the left side A4 sheet. The image of

the bottle however, takes up very little room in the advert indeed. There is

not that much writing in the advert. In fact, it is quite plain and bare.

At the top and on the right it says the brand name, ‘AnaisAnais’ in very large

writing compared with the other writing on the page. This immediately tells me

what I am looking at/finding out about. If you then lift up the package with



says, ‘tender harmony’ indicates that the fragrance is soft and gentle.

The copy underneath this is a bit bigger and it reads, ‘ANAISANAIS OFFERS YOU THIS BRACELET TENDERLY


implies gentle. The copy under/next down is again a bit bigger than

before. It says, ‘ONE DAY TENDERNESS WILL MOVE THE WORLD.’ I think that

means and is trying to say that AnaisAnais will one day move

the world, and that if you like the smell, then when you wear the free

fragranced bracelet, you will move the world – suggesting that you will move

the opposite sex (men – the fragrance is for women). I think this

could also mean that when anyone sees the advert and finds out how gentle,

tender and pure AnaisAnais is it will startle you. The point says, ‘move

the world’, which suggests that eventually it will move everyone because it is

so pure and fresh. The products name

is always written in lower case, which makes it, stand out from the rest, which

is written in capitals. The product name is also emboldened which helps it to

stand out even more from the other copy on the page so that the audience are

aware of what they are looking at. I think that the target audience for this

advertisement is relatively young working women. Definitely working women

because it appears to be quite expensive and if you weren’t working then you

may not be able to afford it unless it was a gift. It may also be

targeted at husbands or boyfriends as nice presents for their wives or

girlfriends. Working women? Because most women go to work on a daily

basis and this advert portrays purity, so that when they go to work they can

feel pure and therefore, good about themselves. Judging by the above, you

might find this advert in a woman’s magazine e.g. ‘Hello!’ or ‘Woman’s own’ or

maybe even in a newspaper. You can buy

these in almost every newsagent or supermarket where the above groups visit regularly. The

only social grouping that they have left out is children probably below sixteen

- or children without a job. I think that the reason for leaving them out

of the advert is like I said before – it is an expensive perfume so people

without a job wouldn’t be able to necessarily afford it. The denotation

in the advert is just that AnaisAnais perfume is being advertised. However, the

connotation is about the smell of the fragrance – that it is pure and fresh,

soft and gentle, tender and clean. The way it is laid out, and the colours

help to suggest this. The image that this advertisement gives you is that it is

a smell for everyone, meaning that although everyone may not be wearing it,

everyone will approve of it. The advert makes me feel refreshed and after

you actually smell the bracelet, the connotation is true and makes me feel like

I want to go out and but the product, which is the aim of all adverts. I

think that the advert is very positive and fits into the perfume/aftershave

category. I feel it would make the consumer want to buy it for the simple

reason that it has convinced me! In my opinion, I think this advertisement is a

very successful one.

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