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Hobbit Review Essay, Research Paper

The Hobbit or There and Back Again

JRR Tolkien


- The story has a wonderful adventurous plot. The plot is that of an adventurous journey by dwarves and their friend, the hobbit, in search of long lost treasure. The plot is suspenseful as the dwarves and the hobbit encounter several obstacles; spiders that catch them, elves that imprison them and goblins that wish to eat them. They win over some of their adversaries; the skinchanging Bear and the people of Elvenking. The story climaxes with a horrendous battle, The Battle of Five Armies, after which peace reigns and the hobbit and Gandalf the wizard return to their beloved homes.

- The story is not limited to the physical journey but also is richer through the emotional journey that the Hobbit encounters. He is a quiet, contented and unassuming Hobbit thrust into an adventure much against his will. He faces fear and death several times to find himself much changed and more courageous and trustworthy that even he ever suspected.

- The physical and emotional journeys make for a suspenseful, exciting and colourful plot which I thoroughly enjoyed.


- The only weakness I could support would be that the book is not really age appropriate. Although the story is based upon fantasy and magic, the story is complex, he vocabulary is extensive and the plot is elaborate and more suited for an older reader.

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