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Early Day States Essay, Research Paper

Pennsylvania and Carolina both shared and differed in cultural characteristics.

One similarity shared between Pennsylvania and Carolina was religion. The two colonies exemplified religious toleration. The colonies were inhabited primarily by Protestants including Lutherans, Baptists, Methodists, and Presbyterians. Colonists in Pennsylvania were often given tests to verify they were not Roman Catholic. Meanwhile, the intruding Protestants into Carolina caused much commotion with the Catholic Spaniards of Florida. This led to many wars.

The types of commerce found in Pennsylvania and Carolina were very similar. The founders of the Colonies were very smart. They built the major cities along rivers. Philadelphia was developed on what is today known as the Delaware River, and Charleston was developed on what is today known as the Ashley River and on the Cooper River. This fact enabled the two cities to become major seaports for exporting goods. The colonies exported mass amounts of grains. Timber also served as an important source of industry in the colonies. Lumber was used from building houses to shipbuilding. Often referred to as shrewd business people, the colonies got the job done as far as commerce goes.

The Carolina and Pennsylvania colonies also had striking differences.

The topic of military defense is a prime example. Pennsylvania was laid back. They had no means of military defense. Military defense was of no use to the passive, and peace-seeking people found in Pennsylvania. Meanwhile, in the Carolinas, military defense was essential to every day life. Carolina developed a strong, sound, and efficient military defense. The difference in military defense might have resulted from the difference the two had in Indian relations. In Pennsylvania, the people tried their best to live harmoniously and at peace with the Indians. William Penn himself bought land from the Indians. Many peace treaties were also inked. This characteristic of Pennsylvania was rarely found among the other early settlers of new colonies. In fact, the Carolinas showed the exact opposite. The Carolinians experienced many wars with the Spanish friendly Indian tribes of the south. The Savannah Indians was a group massacred by the Carolina people.

A difference in social acceptance could be found between the dwellers of Carolina and Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania was full of friends. There was little dissention and disorder found among the people. When someone who was “better” than another walked by, the “lesser” person did not make any type of special acknowledgment. In Carolina, the snobby attitudes led to the splitting of the regions. The “scrubs” who were outcasts from other areas were found in North Carolina. The aristocrats and “gentlemen” were found in South Carolina. These South Carolinians wanted nothing to do with people in North Carolina.

Slavery was never a big issue in Pennsylvania. What few slaves there may have been never amounted to more than a handful. Slavery, however, was a key to life for Carolina. These slaves were workers from Africa. High prices were paid for their experience in the rice fields.

Yet another difference between Carolina and Pennsylvania involved government. Carolina boasted a very good government. The people practiced a democracy. Their democracy was among the elite of all colonies. This played a part in the feeling of distinctness and importance found throughout Carolina residents. The government provided a good bragging tool. Pennsylvania was not as fortunate when it came to government. The people constantly complained about the easy-going governors. The sense of no order amongst the slackers that made up the government was infinite. Pennsylvania colonists felt that they wanted and needed political control. The colony wanted less procrastination and more determination from their leaders.

In conclusion, Pennsylvania and Carolina shared a few cultural similarities, however, like humans, no two colonies are alike. The fact that Pennsylvania and the Carolinas were different in cultural aspects was easily brought out. This also helped create diversity amongst the colonies of the West Indies.

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