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Cause And Effects Essay, Research Paper

Effects of Earthquakes

Nature is a beautiful thing. Without nature, there is nothing in this world. Nature gives many wonderful things to mankind. Though nature gives many things to mankind sometimes it shows its creepy side. Earthquakes are one of the terrible outcomes of nature. Earthquakes cause dreadful effects like property damage, loss of life and food shortage.

Earthquakes cause property damage by destroying houses, buildings, and farms. When the shaking occurs in a particular place, the buildings in that place will also begin to quake and if the foundation of the buildings is not strong, they will collapse. Recently, when an earthquake occurred in the state of Washington, more than a billion dollars worth of buildings were destroyed. Earthquakes also destroy farms by ruining the plants and trees while shaking. People may lose their houses if they don t have earthquake proof foundations in their houses.

Food shortage is another effect of earthquakes. People may not get food for the right time on the place where earthquake happened severely. If an earthquake occurs more than any number of times or predicted by scientists that it will happen in near by future, people can t stay inside their houses. They have to stay at shelters. If indefinite numbers of people stay in one shelter, they cannot get food at the right time. It may not be possible for the government and missionaries to supply food for all the people in the shelter at a time.

Loss of lives is also one of the effects of earthquake. People may lose their lives in earthquakes in many ways. They may lose their life by the shock while the shaking takes place or because they are caught inside the collapsed building. Recently when an earthquake occurred in India, more than 100,000 people lost their lives. Most people lost their lives because they were caught inside a building, which was collapsed.

Earthquakes cause terrible effects. Property damage makes people lose their property. Food shortage is another unpleasant effect, which will make people starve. People also lose their lives during an earthquake. Earthquakes are very threatening aspect of nature, which has frightening effects for mankind.

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