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Something About Mary Essay, Research Paper

Something about Mary

Its a comedy film, that came to Spain in November of the 1998. It was directed by the Farinelli brothers. And his main stars are: Cameron Diaz (Mary), Matt Dylon (a strange detective) and Ben Stiller (Ted).

The film is set up firstly in Ohio (USA) and the last part in Miami (USA). The great star of this film is Cameron Diaz, that acts as Mary, a very pretty woman that since the University he had lots of boyfriends. The film tells the story of Ted (Ben Stiller) a very passive man, that since the University, wants to find Mary (his first love). For finding her, he employs a very unusual and strange detective (Matt Dylon). When the detective finds her in Miami, he also felt in love with her. So he didn’t toll Ted that he found her. At last, Ted found out for himself where Mary was. So he decided to go to Miami. The thing that Ben didn’t know is that he had three contrincants more for making Mary fall in love with them.

I liked this film because it is a very good and original black-comedy. But it’s not a comedy where a few people laugh, all the people in the cinema when I went laughed a lot. Also the characters of this film were very funny, and as in all the black-comedy films: very strange.

In conclusion, Something about Mary is a great film that you cannot miss. It’s a film, not for all the family, because I think the children will not think it’s funny because of the kind of humour, but is a very, very funny film. And I this these film will have a few Oscars because of the perfect acting of the actors, and because of the originality of the film.

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