Реферат на тему Slalom Skiing Essay Research Paper Slalom skiing

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Slalom Skiing Essay, Research Paper

Slalom skiing is a fun and challenging sport. Many years ago I was boating with some friends when one of them pulled out something new to me, a double booted water ski. In the past I had tried water-skiing and kneeboarding, but until then I had never dreamed of being able to execute the precise movements of the slalom, or even be able to get up one ski. But I proved myself wrong and haven’t picked up two skis or a kneeboard since that day.

At first I was nervous about learning a new watersport because I remembered how hard it was to get up on two skis. My friends convinced me to give it a try and I loved it. I got up on my first try, and have only missed a few starts since that day. One of the reasons this sport is so great is that once you get up you can learn and excel very quickly. By the end of that same day I was almost able to cut back and forth over the wake at speeds I had never imagined.

Now I slalom ski just about every day, or every day I can at least. Over the years I have found people surrounding me who also share the same passion, including some who go to this school. Jordan Kimball, 12, said that the day he started he fell in love. He is also going to start competing this year, hopefully more people will join me and him.

The course consists of two entrance buoys, which the skier must go through, six corner buoys, which the skier must go around, and two exit buoys, which the skier must go through. There are two rounds, a preliminary round and a final round. The top eight skiers in the preliminary round move on to the final round.

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