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Shane Essay, Research Paper


Shane was a good man with a bad past. He brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. He also brought a lot of pain to himself and others in the past. He discovered a lot about himself totally by accident when he happened to come across a welcoming family. Without knowing it this family, the Starrett s, helped Shane realize who he really was.

Shane had a shady past. Many people who knew about it looked down on him because of it. He wanted to change though. He knew his past was wrong and he didn t like it one bit. All that Shane was, was a good man with a bad label. Even if you try to do better it still counts, and that s exactly what Shane did.

Shane was a great friend filled with loyalty, determination, and patience. While some thought he was a cold-blooded killer, others who knew his true side thought he was kind and generous. He knew his past was bad, but he also knew he couldn t change who he was.

To Bob, Shane was a great man. He was almost like his role model. Everything that Shane did was a wonder to Bob. He was always asking questions and wanting to learn more. To Bob, Shane was also a teacher. He taught him how to shoot a gun, and he also taught him to appreciate its use as a tool and not a toy.

To Joe, Shane meant a lot. He was a great friend. He was almost like a miracle that saved his farm. Joe couldn t have done a lot without him. He helped with the farm and made it bigger and better. He was more than just a hired hand to Joe. He was a good friend. They trusted each other, they were loyal to each other, and they had respect for each other.

To Marian, Shane was special. There was something about him that caught her eye. Maybe it was his mysterious past, or his charm. Whatever it was, Marian felt for it. She was never disloyal to Joe. Shane was very important to her. He wasn t important to her because of her feelings for him. Shane was important to her because he kept the farm together for Joe. Marian had a definite respect for Shane. She only wanted what was best for her family and him.

Although Shane was very close to the main characters, he wasn t so friendly with the others. Wilson, a man of Shane s past, was a man with killing in his blood. Shane wanted change, but couldn t once he realized what he must do. Wilson and Shane are complete opposites and alike at the same time. They are both men with bad reputations, they both are hired to kill, and they are both very good at it, but the difference that shines through is the good in Shane. Shane is a kind, hardworking man. Wilson is a heartless killer.

Although they both have shady features, the fact that Shane tried to be better than that makes a difference. Even though he tried and didn t totally succeed, it still made a difference. Shane became a better man because he realized who he was and that he could abuse it or use it. He knew he didn t have to go around killing everyone, but he did know that he was dangerous. Even though Shane had a bad past and a part of him that he couldn t change, he still wasn t a bad man, because you can t take away all of him that was good.

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