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Alarms Essay, Research Paper

Alarm Systems: You Need One

All homeowners should have an alarm system in their home. Alarm systems can help you in times of distress. They can even save your life and keep your belongings from getting stolen. I think that all homeowners should have and alarm system for their safety and the safety of their belongings.

First, alarm systems have distress buttons. You can press this to get medical attention and or the fire department. When you are in a fire, and you don’t have time to use the phone, all you have to do is press the fire button and the fire department will come. If you need help and can’t talk and or get to the phone you can press the medical button and an ambulance will come. Also, I think it is easier to tell you 1-3 year old to press a button then it is to have them remember 911. When you are all alone with someone and they get hurt, you can just press the button and then go tend to the patient until help arrives. Distress buttons are very helpful and can save lives.

Next, alarm system protect against break-ins when you are not home. Many robbers look for houses with no alarms. If they see a sign in your yard and it says you have an alarm, it will probably be avoided. Also, if the robber still decides to break-in and the alarm goes off, he will probably leave. I think alarm system are necessary to protect your house when you are not home.

The most important reason I think you should get an alarm system, is for the safety of you and your children. When you are home and someone tries to break in and you press the police button and the alarm goes off, I think the burglar will leave. When you are not home and your child is baby-sitting, they can press the button, then go hide. I think that an alarm system should be installed for the safety of you and your children.

I think that everyone should have an alarm system. I think they have helped many innocent victims keep the belongings and their lives. I think that you should go purchase one NOW!

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