Реферат на тему SAINT PETER CLAVER Essay Research Paper Angel

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SAINT PETER CLAVER Essay, Research Paper

Angel Mendoza Saint Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver was born at Verdu, Catalonia, Spain, in

1580. He descended from a very distinguished family . When

he became a young man he entered the society of Jesus . He

studied at a Jesuit college in Barcelona . Then he went to

Majorca to study philosophy . While he was studying

philosophy, he was very much influenced by St. Alphonsus

Rodriguez to go to the Indies and save the millions of slaves .

In 1610 , he landed at Cartagena ( that’s where thousands of

slaves landed every month ). That’s where he dedicated

himself to the service of the Negro slaves . There he labored

them by feeding them, nursing them , teaching about Christ ,

baptizing thousands of slaves . At night he would spend time

praying for them .

In 1654 , at the age of seventy one he was very ill that he died

in his cell , which he was kept there for four years very ill .

I choose Peter Claver as my Confirmation Saint b/c He’s a

great model , he shows us not to be selfish . He was a very

giving man , he helped other people , he helped the slaves in

so many ways , He’s just an inspiration he was a very Godly

man .

I Also like St. Michael b/c He’s a great Saint , he’s an Ark

Angel and he defeats Satan and listens to God.

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