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Globalization Essay, Research Paper


Globalization over the past twenty has become an issue in many countries. This industrialization of second and third world countries by Western Civilization creates many opportunities for the inhabitants. Not only does it expand trading markets, but also promotes productivity and efficiency; thus improving the country and integrating it into the industrial world. This process not only benefits third world counties, but also industrialized nations by allowing them to export goods to the developing world and increase their profit margin.

With the rise of international industries such as McDonalds, Wal-Mart and K-mart western culture has invaded the world in an attempt to “modernize” these countries that could very well do with out. CEO’s may think that they are helping by providing jobs and easy access to goods, but with this help there is also the price of destroying values and exploiting workers. They attempt to Americanize these people and enforce our values upon them.


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