Реферат на тему Drink Driving

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Drink Driving – Persuasive Essay Essay, Research Paper

Each year numerous lives are lost due to careless and irrational driving. The disregard for safe driving has been a predicament to Queensland for years. For many years? police have relied heavily on speed cameras, breathe testing and heavy fines as a deterrent against unlawful drivers. Over the years fatality rates have increased, so Queensland Transport has composed a series of safe driving campaigns. On many occasions the transport department informs and advises the public about the importance of responsible driving. They propagate safe driving through the various channels of the media. Their safe driving campaign is now using effective propaganda aimed directly at speeding; drink driving and tired and reckless driving

Repetition is often used in the safe driving campaign in order to successfully convey their message and also to ensure, that the viewer retains their main idea. Fear is also often used in an effort reach the viewer on an emotional level. Presently the Government and the transport department have worked in collaboration with one another to bring forth a message to the public about road safety. And since road fatalities have affected Australia so much that the advice has become propaganda in every sense of the term ? There is one idea propagated repeatedly in an emotional manner with appropriate cartoons and even name-calling. But has the massive propaganda campaign set out by the Government and the transport department been effective in ensuring the safety of motorist

Philosophy is important when it comes to propaganda, mainly because a propaganda primarily focus?s on one main idea. The safe driving campaign is directed to be of the general good for the public. It convinces the common people of the importance of life and makes them aware of the consequences that come from small and simple choices they make everyday.

Article #1 is a very effective piece of propaganda in that it captures the reader?s attention successfully by placing a picture of a dog in the focal point of the article. The dog plays a vital role in this piece of propaganda in that it represents a loved one, family and anything cherished. It shows what could be left behind, if a driver chose to ignore safe driving. The breed of dog is also very important. Choosing a sorrowful dogs face, further enhanced the emotions of the reader, as the article wouldn?t have the same effect if a dangerous dog was shown instead

This article also uses name calling by using the word ?deserted? in the title suggesting that the driver has been negligent in his/her duty of care towards their family. This also instigates a number of feelings in the viewers mind about their family, and the result to their loved ones.

Fear is also generated in this piece of propaganda in that it plays on the emotions of the reader by making them aware of what maybe left behind if they die by a thoughtless and preventable accident. This also further prompts safe driving in that it reveals to the viewer real life accidents and promotes concern to the viewer. It also gives a sense of pity for the animal that has been abandon by its deceased owner

Article #2 This is a typical propaganda article which relies heavily on the emotions of the viewer to convey its message. It first projects scenes of typical Christmas events which then suddenly is replaced by horrific automobile accidents. Its effectiveness is further enhanced as the Christmas scenes aroused the emotions of the reader. This would be a time when the accident scenes would influence the viewer the most. This effects the viewer differently from the previous piece of propaganda in that it reveals the aftermath of real road accidents. The viewer would presumably be distressed by the propaganda, therefore influencing the viewer towards safer driving.

Also this piece of propaganda subconsciously promotes the simple problem solution technique. The problem being drink driving and solution being easy, don?t drink and drive

Article #3 This article is a variation from the previous propaganda piece. This article was thought to be so traumatic it was on the borderline of being banned from television. First this propaganda shows Chopper Reid revealing the various horrifying and sadistic acts he has committed. This gives the viewer a poor view of Chopper in that he is a cruel and heartless murderer. This piece also uses the fear technique in which it tries to relate murders and drink drivers to being one and the same. Tense emotions would be aroused in the viewers mind, believing that cold-blooded murder is the same criminal act as drink driving. This also gives the viewer the impression that they too are now cruel and heartless murderers.

The use of a well-known criminal in this piece of propaganda was also very effective. Chopper Reid is distinguishable as a violent criminal, and therefore can easily be related to as a murderer

The road fatality rate has amplified so dramatically that increased speed cameras and breath testers are being inputted into the motorways. Also with the ongoing safe driving propaganda the Government and Queensland transport department inputted, road fatalities are still continuing. So therefore how can the safe driving campaign have been effective in ensuring the safety of motorists? The safe driving campaign was effective in that it followed the usual norms of propaganda. Also the campaign was effective in influencing motorists to drive in a more-safe manner, thou it takes time to be accepted and understood by the general publi

Article 1: an advertisement of a dog. The text below reads: Title: HER OWNER DESERTED HER: Bella was found hungry and fretting in the corner of her backyard. She isn’t a victim of neglect. Her owner was killed instantly while driving tired late at night. Tired Drivers Di

Article 2: Typical add on tv where it shows someone dying who had just been in a car acciden

Article 3: Chopper Ried says on an add on tv that he murdered many people by bashing them to death with baseball bats. He then states if u drink and drive your a murderer like him


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