Реферат на тему Big Stores Return To Mean Streets Essay

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Big Stores Return To Mean Streets Essay, Research Paper

Big Stores Return to The Mean Streets

The retailers are getting advantages from the government if they place their business in the inner cities; the government is offering them the store as incentive to them. The retailers have to go through a bureaucracy process to get a business in the downtown . What they are trying to do is to give the people an easier way to get a business in the inner city, so they would prefer those places than the downtown. Even though that the government is trying to give them places in the inner cities, the business people still want places in the downtown, because they think that there are more opportunity to get more money.

The businesses are looking for the places where the people have more resources to spend in their business.

The government is doing a lot of renewals in the cities where they want to attract the business, and the business are coming, because the are giving them tax breaks. The urban retail disinvestment began in 1950 when the crime become more common and the saturation of the market make some of the business go out of business. The super market are getting into the inner city, because the people there is acclaiming for lower price, so they would get a glass of milk and bread.

Those are different facts about what the experts think about the business getting into the inner cities.

Harvey Guttman says that the 20 percent of the Pathmark stores are situate in the inner cities and this is something that have result for them, so the number would keep increasing.

It is really good Jeffrey Finkel says about that the people are finding good profits in the inner area, which mean that the inner areas would have the opportunity to grow. Also the fact that Cisneros says about that the low incomes places have no business there are because the insurance are so high.

Finally, we know that the number business in the inner cities would increase notorious, but that the crime and the economy in those places would be always an obstacle to the business to get stable there.

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