Реферат на тему Matilda Essay Research Paper The book that

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Matilda Essay, Research Paper

The book that I have read is called Matilda. It?s about a young girl named Matilda. She is very gifted, her parents don?t really care about what she does. Matilda has special powers, she can move things with her eye. Mrs. Trenchbol is the principle of the school she attends. She tortures every kid. Nobody likes Mrs. Trenchbol. Matilda?s teacher Miss. Honey loves Matilda. Miss. Honey told Matilda how Mrs. Trenchbol is her aunt, and took over her life. Miss. Honey?s father died when she was a little girl. Her father left her everything he had own, but Mrs. Trenchbol scared her away. She told Miss. Honey never to return. Mrs. Trenchbol lives in Miss. Honey?s house, while Miss. Honey lives in a cottage.

Matilda felt very bad for her, she wanted to help Miss. Honey in some way. Matilda knew the only way she could make Mrs. Trenchbol leave, is by using her powers. Matilda crept in Mrs. Trenchbol?s house with her power she made everything in her house move to different directions. Mrs. Trenchobol was very scared, she didn?t know what to do. The next day, when Mrs. Trenchbol got to school. She went to Miss. Honey?s call to teach them a lesson. Matilda started to use her powers again, she got a chalk to write ?Leave My daughter alone?! Mrs. Trenchbol just ran out of the classroom to her car and never came back.

Miss. Honey was so happy. Matilda knew she did the right thing. Matilda?s family was going to move out of town. Matilda didn?t want to go. Miss. Honey wanted to adopt Matilda. Her parents were okay with it, her parents didn?t really care what Matilda ever did, as long as she was happy. Miss. Honey adopted Matilda, and her parents had left town. Miss. Honey loved Matilda very much, they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.

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