Реферат на тему The One Thing In Society That Makes

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The One Thing In Society That Makes Me Angry Essay, Research Paper

There are many reasons why teens are sad. When a teen recieves a “D” on the report card, he or she can get depressed. When a shcool football team loses a game, this makes the teen sad also. The thing that bothers me most about society is school bullying.

Tamia is a fifteen year old girl who hates going to school. She is constantly disliked by her peers and has no true friends. Bullies start fights with Tamia for no reason. And when asked, “Why dud you do it?,” their response was simple: “I did it becaus I did not like her.” Instead of telling someone about the bullying, Tamia keeps her emotions hidden to herslef. Tamia is a beautiful young lady who does not deserve to be treated like this. Now the reader might say, “What can we do about it?” Everyonce can do his/her share to cut out bullying in schools. Fist, if someone sees someone else getting bullied, he/she can tell a teacher or a parent. Next, eithre the teacher or the parent notifis the prnicipal of the situation. Performing this process will cease the bullying that is going on. These methods will help poeple like Tamia gain more confidence and self esteem.

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