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Winning Essay, Research Paper

Winning has become one of the most important thing in American?s lives. Either it?s

winning a little league game to beating the odds in Vegas, everybody wants to be a

winner. But the real question is why is American obsessed with winning? Why, is losing

so frowned upon? Why can you play so well but if you lose you?re performance is not

looked up?

Many people have different reasons for why Americans are addicted to winning?

But I believe that I have found the ultimate answer. Every American wants to be a winner

because winner?s are remembered. Every American wants to always be remembered in

everybody?s eye and by winning you usually are remember. Losers are very often

forgotten, for example: Who played in the 1993 NBA Finals? Well I can tell you that the

Chicago Bulls won it, but no idea who lost. There opponent who was determined after

some research to be the Phoenix Suns. The Phoenix Suns who must have had a heck of a

season to reach the NBA Finals, will not be remembered. All there hardwork and

dedication pretty much goes down the drain when you do not get a national championship.

Dan Marino who many will consider to be the best quarterback of all time will never be

remembered as the best if he never wins a super bowl. He has passed for 60,000 yards,

has thrown the most passes, thrown for the most yardage and thrown the most touchdown

passes, but if he doesn?t win the big one he will never be on the same page as a Joe

Montana, or Troy Aikman. Plain and simple people always want to be remembered and

winners are remembered while losers aren?t. That is why all of American is so set upon

winning and doing anything to make sure they end up victorious.

Winning has been important for as long as civilization has existed. The Cavemen

would have winners and losers and all through time everybody has always wanted to win,

nobody wants to be remember as a loser, unfortunately many people take winning to new

points and would even harm or kill somebody to win. The main thing always to remember

is nobody wants to be a loser.

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