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Uganda Essay, Research Paper


Uganda is a landlocked country on the equator in East Africa. Its capitol, Kampala, is one of the largest cities in the country. It is bordered by Sudan to the north, Kenya to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, and Rwanda, Tanzania, and Lake Victoria to the south and the southeast. Uganda has a total area of 93,065 square miles. The country is 388 miles wide and 396 miles tall. In relation the United States, it is about the size of Oregon.

Uganda?s economy is poor, but developing. The economy is based predominately on agriculture. Uganda?s gross domestic product was $10.2 billion, or #320 per capita. In 1990, 85% were engaged in agriculture, 5% in industry, and 11% in services. In 1998, women made up 48% of the people working in Uganda. The country?s economy is still dependent on world prices for agricultural commodities, particularly coffee, although the government has successfully promoted a more diversified foreign exchange basis. The most important manufactured products are processed coffee, grain, sugar, beverages, chemicals and tobacco. Of the population aged ten and older, the 1991 census found 59% working, 40% economically inactive and .6% looking for work. The currency currently in use in Uganda is the Ugandan Schilling. The exchange rate is roughly 1 Ugandan Schilling/1 American Dollar.



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